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Monday, 31 January 2011

Skullcandy SkullCrushers

Without a doubt Skullcandy's are cool and trendy, but as audiophiles aren't known for caring too much about maintaining any sort of street cred I'm going to concentrate on the quality and not the fashion-ability aspect.
Today I'll focus on the “Skullcrushers” that range from £44.99 to £59.99 here in the UK.
The first thing I noticed about them when I removed the actual headphones from the packaging was that they are pretty sturdy. The casing isn't that flimsy and to my hands they certainly feel like you could get a bit adventurous with them on and not worry too much about wear and tear.
Considering the price the addition of a silk styled carry bag for them is a welcome, and handy, little extra to.
The second thing that impressed me was that when I slipped them on they are extremely comfortable. Tight and snug without putting a silly amount of pressure on your head.
So far, so good.
In comparison to other over-ear headphones the snugness does a very good job of cancelling out external noise. I don't think that I would be going too far in saying that they excel in this area.
Noise cancellation is however a moot point if the sound quality is poor.
So onto road testing them.
Outside with my I-pod on shuffle I'm still impressed.
You get what you pay for and as the Skullcrushers aren't up there in the stratospheric price range I'm not expecting studio headphone quality and I'm not getting it, but what I am getting is a fair sound covering most genres of music.
If you are a fan of bass heavy dubstep, rap, techno or dance tracks then this is where they hold their own.
With the in-built mini sub woofer – yes you heard right – you could scramble a good portion of brain cells, but if your tastes lean towards more rock and indie styled genres then you just might find the sound leaning towards being flat and lifeless.
That's a small criticism though.
The only real downside to them, and it's not a biggy, is that the sub woofer is powered by a battery incorporated into the cable and it's creates a small weight that you are always conscious off, and if you use the sub woofer often then the battery life is rather short.
Apart from that I've got to say that “Skullcrushers” are an affordable and fashionable headphone that should appeal to the majority.

here are some websites i trust that you can purchase this prouduct from.

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